Work-Integrated Learning

This Working Group is an Ottawa addition, comprised of secondary and post-secondary education representatives, as well as groups working with apprenticeships.


  • Brigitte Sharp-Ménard, French Catholic School Board (CECLFCE)
  • Candace Carson, OCDSB
  • Chris Bissylas, Willis College (member to be identified)
  • David Hall, Algonquin College (Coop)
  • John Omura, Algonquin College (Applied Research)
  • Julie Nantel-Powell, St. Paul University
  • Kendra Duval, YMCA (Power of Trades)
  • Kristine McGillivray, St. Lawrence College
  • Liana Pagotto, OCSB
  • Lorraine Anderson, Carleton University
  • Lydia Hamilton, OCDSB
  • Marilyn Carmichael, CEPEO (OYAP)
  • Nicole Miller, University of Ottawa
  • Patrice Supper, La Cité (Coop)
  • Rosemary Young, MTCU
  • Steve Goodwin, La Cité (Apprenticeship) (TBC)