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Three key takeaways from the Ottawa 2020 Manufacturing Sector Spotlight

Lifesize dinosaur models. Vodka made from milk. The guitar pedal used by Lady Gaga’s guitarist. What do they have in common? All of them were made in eastern Ontario.

Does that list surprise you a bit? When you think of Ottawa and the valley, you might think of federal government jobs, or high tech. But not only is there a vibrant manufacturing sector in eastern Ontario – it is actually growing!

The 2020 Manufacturing Sector Spotlight, recently published by the Ottawa Employment Hub, shows that the sector gained 440 jobs over the last few years, and was one of the top sectors posting job ads in 2019.

Here are a few other interesting facts from the report:

  1. The manufacturing sector had the fifth best average salary among Ottawa’s top 16 employment sectors, with an average manufacturing job salary of $66,610. Note that this statistic count does not include self-employed income.
  2. Manufacturing jobs could be found among a diverse range of employers from General Dynamics Missions Systems Canada, to the Canadian Bank Note Company, to Blackberry.
  3. Beverage and tobacco manufacturing jobs in the Ottawa area rose 130% over five years, and this industry is forecast to continue growing for the next few years.

So, what does this all mean for job seekers?

  • If you’re looking for a job, give the manufacturing sector a look: There are many job ads out because some manufacturers are finding it difficult to attract the right employees. But, as the salary data shows, there are rewarding opportunities in manufacturing!
  • Manufacturing doesn’t have to mean a plant: While you hear manufacturing, your mind might turn to assembly lines or factories. But, as this report shows, you could also think of manufacturing in terms of breweries and bank jobs. There are many different kinds of organizations that manufacture products in eastern Ontario.
  • Big? Small? Manufacturing has it all! While nearly 60% of manufacturing employers included between five and 99 employees, the manufacturing sector in Ottawa also includes major national and international players. If you’re looking to be a part of a small, close-knit team, or part of a much larger organization, there are manufacturing jobs for you in Ottawa.


Download the full report here.


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