Strategic Planning Overview

Our Strategic Plan was submitted to Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development, formerly MTCU, on March 17th, 2016 and was approved April 20th, 2016.  It is organized under five key activity areas:

  • Integrated Planning
  • Labour Market Information and Intelligence:
  • Service Coordination for Employers:
  • Research and Innovation:
  • Sharing Best Practices and Promising Approaches:


The Ottawa LEPC drew on more than 70 community partners between December and March to garner their input into the Strategic Plan. Greg Smith, our Start-up Advisor, co-designed the session with the LEPC Program Manager, and facilitated all of the session on behalf of the LEPC. These consultations engaged the Executive Steering Group, the Central Planning Table and the Subject Matter Working Groups. We had bi-weekly check-ins with the Executive Steering Group to ensure that the establishment of the governance structure and the development of the strategic plan were both on track.


Through our consultations, the following guiding principles emerged:

  • Strike a balance between quick vs. perfect solution
  • Do not take action for the sake of taking action; invest in solid research and do not promise change on what we cannot control
  • Acknowledge that one size does not fit all in planning; develop specialized strategies for different populations
  • Ensure that we work toward not only an “innovative” employment environment, but also a “thriving” one
  • Ensure that there are a few “quick wins” to create energy and buy-in, while starting to make progress on the “harder” fixes
  • Our approach should be two-pronged:
    • Help job seekers and employers navigate the current “world of work”
    • Act as a champion/advocate to create the desired “world of work” in the future