Research and Innovation

Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development (formerly MTCU) Description

Collaborating with community stakeholders to develop projects related to the research and piloting of innovative approaches to addressing local labour market issues or opportunities. For example one of the deliverables for LEPCs should be conducting community research on specific local labour market issues affecting employers.


Integrated Planning

  • Fund the enhancement of an existing program/initiative or pilot of a new program to address an identified mentor-ship program gap (Fund)#4
  • A report detailing recommend-ed framework for community engagement around a work-force development initiative to best serve refugees (Partner)#5

Labour Market Information and Intelligence

  • Report on innovative ways to share LMI with a wide range of audiences, based on extensive research, that will inform the LMI training strategy (Lead) #7

Service Coordination for Employers

  • Pilot a networking event for barriered youth that facilitates connections with employers for career development (Partner) #10
  • A common job board/ matching structure to connect Ottawa employers with job seekers and students (Fund) #11