OTTAWA LOCAL LABOUR MARKET PLAN (LLMP) 2020/2021 - Ottawa Employment Hub


The Local Labour Market Plan (LLMP) is an annual report prepared by Ottawa Employment Hub (OEH) to share labour market information (LMI) and insight into the supply and demand sides of Ottawa’s labour market, with the goal of improving LMI awareness and literacy among diverse community audiences. The statistical data, together with qualitative input from employers, service providers and other stakeholder groups, will serve as a common knowledge base of current LMI and recent changes to the local employment landscape. The report has three main functions:

  • Provide a strong knowledge base for integrated planning and collaboration on local labour market solutions and lay the foundation for a community-driven, consensus-based future action plan developed by diverse stakeholders (e.g., employers, service providers, levels of government).
  • Communicate existing programs and services and current LMI to job seekers, employers, educators and other stakeholders to inform their decision making.
  • Identify and explore research, data and service gaps.

Click here to read the Ottawa Labour Market Plan 20 report.

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