Sector Spotlights

Ottawa Employment Hub has prepared Sector Spotlights for Ottawa’s top 13 sectors in 2018 (based on number of jobs in 2017). These reports pull data from two key sources:

  • EMSI Analyst – Harmonizes labour market data from a variety of Statistics Canada sources, combining them into one master dataset so that the strengths of each compensate for weaknesses of others.
  • Vicinity Jobs – Scans online job postings and profiles of online job seekers on commonly used job boards and corporate websites to compile data on local labour supply and demand.


Click on the links below to view a Spotlight report highlighting key 2018 labour market indicators for top sectors in Ottawa. The reports provides a definition of the sector and overview of its structure, shows how they stack up against Ottawa’s other top sectors, and takes a closer look at employment, self-employment, business and employer counts, and online supply and demand data. It also summarizes and provides links to relevant news stories from the past year.