Our Mandate

The Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development (formerly MTCU) describes the Local Employment Planning Council (LEPC) pilots as follows:

“Expanding the activities of existing Local Boards…the new LEPC pilots will have greater capacity to provide funding for community-based projects to support the local workforce, improve coordinated planning of employment and training services, and help employers, workers and people looking for work make informed choices about training and careers. LEPCs will also improve local labour market information to assist communities to better anticipate local labour gaps, and current and future employment opportunities.” 

—David Fulford, ADM, Employment & Training

The Local Employment Planning Council (LEPC) in Ottawa has branded itself as OTTAWA EMPLOYMENT HUB to reflect the dynamic activities included in its mandate; those activities, and the desired client outcomes, are reflected in its credo:

Ottawa Employment Hub logo. Connect, Plan, Learn, Work

Connect – we will connect with employers, service providers, and other stakeholders for mutual learning and leveraging each others’ knowledge and expertise to connect job seekers and learners to jobs.

Plan – we will collaborate as a community to identify local opportunities and challenges in the local labour market.

Learn & Work – through our connecting and planning, we will connect job seekers and learners to the programs and services that they need to become the human capital for which local employers are looking.