Labour Market Information and Intelligence

Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development (formerly MTCU) Description

Expanding current understanding of local labour market issues and needs and improving access to labour market information resources. Specifically, the ministry has identified the following as priorities for LEPC:

  • Develop an understanding of local labour market characteristics using pre-existing data sources
  • Develop an understanding of local labour market characteristics through community outreach
  • Identify key changes to local community workforce characteristics
  • Identify industry, human resources or social economic trends affecting the local labour market.
  • Analyze training needs and employment opportunities in the community or in local industries.
  • Identify potential skill set misalignments between in-demand occupations and local labour market supply


  • #6 An LMI training strategy to build local capacity around finding, understanding and using LMI, for service providers and employers (Partner)
  • #7 Report on innovative ways to share LMI with a wide range of audiences, based on extensive research, that will inform the LMI training strategy (Lead)