Integrated Planning

Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development (formerly MTCU) Description

Serving as a central point of contact and key facilitator for linking employers, service providers, other ministries and levels of government and other community groups to identify and respond to labour market and workforce development challenges and opportunities, and gaps in employment and training and human and social services, through collaborative planning.


  • #1 A career pathway tool, showing pathways from school to work, and how best to develop/ capture transferable skills along the way (Partner)
  • #2 Online inventory of Ottawa mentorship programs to share with employers and service providers working with students and job seekers (Lead)
  • #3 A report on funding mechanisms of employment programs/services in Ottawa to inform coordinated local program development (Lead)
  • #4 Fund the enhancement of an existing program/initiative or pilot of a new program to address an identified mentor-ship program gap (Fund)
  • #5 A report detailing recommend-ed framework for community engagement around a work-force development initiative to best serve refugees (Partner)