Our goals

  • Youth are inspired, motivated and committed.
  • Youth have the knowledge, education and  skills they need.
  • Youth can access the networks, resources  and support they need.
  • Successful businesses, organizations  and initiatives are started by entrepreneurial youth
  • Youth launching successful careers and finding meaningful employment
  • Improved policy and business environment for youth entrepreneurs
  • Youth leaders are having a positive impact on their organizations and communities


  1. Increase awareness : Communications, Outreach
  2. Share inspiration: Share stories, awards
  3. Build capacity : Education & training, support, certification, business planning, coaching, guides, tools
  4. Connect people : Networks, mentors, markets/clients, alumni
  5. Provide business supports and resources: Funding, financing, space, stores, materials, childcare, transportation
  6. Incubate entrepreneurs : Markets, sales, infrastructure
  7. Support evidence-based outcomes: Market statistics, evaluation, policy, research

Working for youth…

VISION : Entrepreneurial Ottawa youth can access the inspiration, education and support they need to launch successful businesses, organizations, initiatives and careers.

MISSION : Inspiring, educating, connecting and enabling Ottawa youth from all socio-economic backgrounds to pursue their dreams.


Vision : Ottawa organizations support each other and work effectively together to enable youth entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams.

Mission : Connecting organizations to improve the accessibility, effectiveness, efficiency and impact of entrepreneurship programs for Ottawa’s diverse youth.

and the community as a whole…

Community and collaboration go hand in hand and are core values of YENGO.


YENGO was co-founded in 2014 by four organizations: the Pinecrest-Queensway Community Health Centre, Operation Come Home, The Salvation Army’s Bethany Hope Centre and the Natural Step Canada.

In October 2015 the founding organizations received funding from the Ministry of Economic Development, Employment and Infrastructure to hire a YENGO Project Coordinator and formalize the network through the creation of a strategic plan, joint memorandum of understanding (MOU) and a number of collaborative initiatives. Through this process, YENGO started engaging other organizations to join the network and began work on a financial sustainability plan for continuing the network after the provincial funding expires on May 31st, 2016.

On December 2, 2015 the four founding organizations met for a full-day strategic planning session; Invest Ottawa and Algonquin College also attended. Previous to this day, participants provided input through an online survey and follow-up emails and meetings. This current document is the collective result of that work and presents a compelling vision for the future of the network.

For further information contact: info@yengottawa.ca

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Our Members

YENGO members are organizations that support YENGO’s vision, mission and values, and provide or support programs or services for youth related to entrepreneurship.

YENGO members commit to working with other members in the network in a spirit of openness, transparency and collaboration, actively participating in the network by sharing information, contributing to network initiatives, attending events and monthly meetings and maintaining regular communication via email and promoting YENGO online and in the community.

Our Partners

Partners are organizations that support YENGO’s vision, mission and values, but are less involved in running YENGO than members. Any individual, intrapreneur, social enterprise, not-for-profit, business or government organization may apply to become a partner.

Partners must commit to supporting YENGO’s vision, mission and values , promoting YENGO in the community and through their own websites and social media, providing value to the network through contributions such as providing knowledge, skills, resources, personnel time, facilities or other services to YENGO’s community.