Magnet is a not-for-profit, technological platform that has a mission of advancing careers, businesses and communities through their innovative job matching resource.


  • Matches job seekers with employment opportunities and new career paths
  • Matches businesses to talent, trade and procurement opportunities that accelerate business growth
  • Provides tools, data and a platform for evidence-based decision making to support next-generation economic development


The Magnet network now includes over 300 partners across education, industry and community across Canada.  To join our network and get your profile or job postings on Magnet, please go here:

I am an employer

« Magnet aims to help Canadian businesses advance and grow. Our services can efficiently match you to the right talent, trade and procurement opportunities. »

Are you an employer looking to connect with fresh talent?  We invite you to join our network and post a job here:

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I am a job seeker/student

Are you a job seeker looking to work with us and the magnet platform?  Please follow this link to set up your profile:

Some benefits include:

  • Protecting Privacy – Your profile will always remain 100% private, until you decide to share it with an employer.
  • Reducing Bias – Connections are based solely on ‘profile matching criteria’. Employers are matched to your skills, experience, and education.
  • It is your 24/7 Recruiter – Every time a suitable new job is posted, you are informed – meaning job opportunities find you 24/7.
  • Multimedia options – add images, audio, video, and other documents to showcase your unique talents to potential employers.
  • Tracking your job applications – JSM (Job Search Management) helps job seekers track and manage any job they apply to on any hiring resource.
  • Access to our Job Board – Review and apply for job opportunities posted on the job board through indeed, Canada Job Bank, Magnet.


Still have questions?  Please feel free to contact our Ready To Work Program Manager:

Brent Moore:

I am a service provider/educator/intermediary

Are you serving a client who could benefit from this advanced job matching technology to help expedite their job search?

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