Executive Steering Group (ESG)

In the other pilot locations, the formal Local Board is administering the LEPC pilot; Labour Market Ottawa serves in lieu of a “local board” in Ottawa under the guidance of two standing committees.  

The Executive Steering Group (ESG) will serve the “board function” for the LEPC as the primary decision-making body, providing oversight to the Secretariat’s operations.  An ESG was formed to guide the establishment of a governance structure and the strategic planning process.  It includes:

  • Joe Ranieri, Director, Business Development, Algonquin College
  • Jennifer Fontaine, Executive Director, Ottawa Community Coalition for Literacy
  • Lisa Manwell, Team Leader, Agilec Ottawa Employment Centre (EOON)
  • Ian Faris, President & CEO, Ottawa Chamber of Commerce
  • Sean McKenny, President, Ottawa & District Labour Council
  • Rob White, Chartered Professional Accountant (Chair of the Board of the Ottawa Network for Education)
  • Saad Bashir, Director Economic Development and Innovation, City of Ottawa
  • Ingrid Argyle, Program Manager, LEPC – Non-voting member

The current Executive Steering Group will be retained for the duration of the pilot (to May 2017), with mandate and membership to be reviewed at the end of the pilot.