Growing Workplace Skills

Providing clients with tools & resources to help them develop the interpersonal & personal skills required to be successful in the workplace.

Some employability skills translate readily into skills required in the workplace. Many of these have been touched on under Improving Literacy & Essential Skills, including communication, numeracy and critical thinking. This section focuses on some of the “softer skills” – interpersonal and personal skills that will help job seekers be successful in the workplace.

People skills & self management

ALIS Tip Sheet: Adding Value: Giving Back to Your Employer – Tips and guidelines on doing your work effectively and efficiently.

ALIS Tip Sheet: Being Job Smart – General tips for bringing a positive attitude to work and exceeding expectations.

ALIS Tip Sheet: Job Enrichment Strategies – Provides creative ways to enrich your job and renew your enthusiasm for work.

Mind Tools – How Good Are Your People Skills? – An online test to assess your “people skills”.

Positive Works II – A 64-page workbook to help individuals change negative attitudes and beliefs into positive ones; exercises and tips to help put positives to work for you in goal-setting, learning, improving relationships, coping with stress, and finding and keeping work, from ALIS.

Your Career: Attitude at Work – Various articles on topics related to maintaining a positive attitude in the workplace.

Self reflection & resiliency

ALIS Tip Sheet: Avoid Workplace Traps – Learn to recognize, escape from and step around workplace traps; this article looks at five of the most common workplace traps that can make you feel down about your job and affect your interpersonal relationships at work.

ALIS Tip Sheet: Coping with Stress at Work – Includes a brief self-assessment and tips for coping with stress at work.

ALIS Tip Sheet: Feeling Down at Work – Tips on reflecting on your feelings and making adjustments to re-energize when you are feeling “blah” at work.

ALIS Tip Sheet: How Does Your Attitude Measure Up? – Provides a quick quiz to measure how positive your workplace attitude is, and tips on how to change your attitude.

ALIS Tip Sheet: Overcoming Job Challenges – Advice on taking steps to overcome issues that are worrying you at work.

ALIS Tip Sheet: Six Ways to Stand Out at Work – Practical strategies to attract positive attention and succeed at work.

ALIS Tip Sheet: Succeeding in the Workplace as a Person with a Disability – Suggestions to help new employees with a disability make the transition to the workplace and succeed in their new position.

Handling Your Emotions When Under Pressure – Article with tips and guidelines for managing your emotions when under pressure.

Work-life Balance – Articles on a variety of topics around building resiliency and maintaining work-life balance.

Communicating in the workplace

ALIS Tip Sheet: Communicating with Confidence – Tips and guidelines around communication in the workplace and beyond.

ALIS Tip Sheet: Writing a Proposal – Tips for contractors and employees, including a proposal format to use as a guide.

How Good Are Your Presentation Skills – An on-line assessment that calculates your score and provide tips for becoming a better presenter, from MindTools.

HR Council: Workplaces that Work- Interpersonal Communication – Tips and tools on how to communicate effectively in the workplace; discusses the common misconceptions about communication and tips on how to listen and respond effectively.

Mind Tools: Communication Skills – Numerous articles, tips and tools for building workplace communication skills.

Ottawa Toastmasters – Can attend three meetings for free and then requires a membership; practice public speaking and learn from other members.

Presentation Skills Success – Strategy and tips for you to prepare, write, rehearse and deliver your next presentation.

Speaking with Confidence: Control that Nervousness – Article with tips on handling your nerves when speaking in public.

Your Career: Communication – Various articles on topics related to communication in the workplace.

Working well with others

ALIS Tip Sheet: Bridging the Generation Gap at Work – Tips on working effectively with people from different generations and what issues can occur.

ALIS Tip Sheet: Handling People Problems at Work – This article lists problems common in workplace relationships and suggests solutions.

ALIS Tip Sheet: Work Relationships: Learn to Manage Your Manager – Tips and guidelines for working well with your supervisor.

Five Skills to Deal with Negativity in the Workplace – This article provides tips and guidelines for dealing with negative people in the workplace.

HR Council: Workplaces that Work- Productive Work Teams – Looks at developing work teams, building successful work teams and groups, understanding group dynamics, and seeing if your team is healthy.

Workplace Well-being: Relationships – Various articles on topics related to relationships in the workplace.

Dealing with conflict

ALIS: Let’s Talk: A Guide to Resolving Workplace Conflicts – 32-page interactive workbook for handling disagreements in the workplace for employees and employers, from Alberta Human Services.

ALIS Tip Sheet: Bullies at Work: What to Know, What You Can Do – Tips and guidelines on what workplace bullying is and how you can handle it.

ALIS Tip Sheet: Sexual Harassment: What you need to know – Guidelines and advice around recognizing and dealing with sexual harassment (Alberta-focused but good general information).

Dealing with Harassment – A guide to dealing with workplace harassment, prepared by Treasury Board of Canada.

Is it Harassment? – A guide to identifying incidences of workplace harassment, prepared by Treasury Board of Canada.

Workplace Well-being: Conflict – Various articles on topics related to handling conflict in the workplace.

Adaptability & dealing with change

ALIS: Change and Transitions: The Path from A to B – A 36-page interactive workbook that explores change and the emotional transitions and stresses that go with it. Full of examples, exercises, practical tips and strategies, published by Alberta Human Services.

ALIS Tip Sheet: Five Fear-Busting Strategies – Five strategies for coping with the anxiety and fear around change.

Taking Charge of Change: A Personal Guide for Building Resilience During Change – A comprehensive workbook, prepared by the University of Victoria.

Workplace Well-being: Coping with Change – Articles on a variety of topics related to coping with change in the workplace.

Creative & innovative thinking

Creative Thinking – Includes 4 tutorials and links to additional resources.

Think Jar Collective: Individual Creativity – Articles and tools to help individuals think creatively.