Central Planning Table

The Central Planning Table (CPT) is a mandated Advisory Group under the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development, formerly MTCU, contract.  The Ministry describes the Central Planning Table as being comprised of key community representatives such as service providers, employer groups, and different levels of government (i.e., municipalities and federal/provincial government departments and ministries, including the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development, formerly MTCU).  The CPT serves as the primary consultative body that works collaboratively with community stakeholders to develop a LEPC Strategy.

The Ottawa LEPC Central Planning Table will serve as a true advisory group, collating the input of the subject matter working groups and their respective constituents into a broad, holistic view of local opportunities and challenges. This work includes determining recommendations for action, which will be brought forth to the Executive Steering Group.  In our governance framework, we have determined that:

  • The CPT should consist of 20 to 25 members; when selecting members, the Guiding Principles (e.g. Diversity) need to be considered in order to ensure inclusive engagement of stakeholders; initial term is for the duration of the pilot.
  • Members of the ESG (excluding the non-voting member) should generally not sit on the Central Planning Table, in order to preserve independence.


  • Andree Kaspardlov, The Ottawa Hospital
  • Angela Tristram, Whistle Inc.
  • Chris Bissylas, Willis College
  • Chris Booth, BMO
  • Chris Janzen, Algonquin College
  • Dan Sabourin, Youth Services Bureau
  • Dianne Urquhart, Social Planning Council of Ottawa
  • Heidi Hauver, Pythian
  • Hindia Mohamoud, Ottawa Local Immigration Partnership
  • Jean-Robert Sabourin, La Cité
  • Jenna Sudds, Kanata North BIA
  • Jennifer Barton, MTCU
  • Jennifer McKay, OCDSB
  • Kathy McKinlay, Ottawa Network for Education
  • Kelly Dumas, Carleton University
  • Kelly McGahey, Hire Immigrants Ottawa
  • Kelly Mertl, United Way (Employment Accessibility Resource Network)
  • Kenny Leon, Ottawa Chamber of Commerce
  • Lydia Belanger, Kagita Mikam (to be confirmed)
  • Mengistab Tsegaye, World Skills Employment Centre
  • Michel Robillard, Coalition ontarienne de formation des adultes (COFA)
  • Peter Stewart, Invest Ottawa
  • Sharif Faisal, ICTC
  • Sonya Parno, City of Ottawa
  • Stephen Ohlman, Service Canada
  • Sylvie Belair Scharf, Vanier Community Service Centre